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stainless steel adhesive tape manufacturers

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stainless steel adhesive tape manufacturers


Microland Ltd was established in Hong Kong in 1982, specializing in trade and process of adhesive tape,which are used for a variety of applications in almost all industries and homes..
In 2000, Microland applied the trademark registration in China. With our extensive knowledge in adhesive tape industry and strong business relationship with reputable manufacturers worldwide, we have been arranging the adhesive tapes and doors & windows sealing profiles from the most competitive manufacturers and selling in the China market with Microland brand.
To cope with the rapid development of market, our company took an active part in transitioning, reforming and adjusting in the organization. In August 2008, our company introduced a full production line and testing equipment. Also, we have established our own manufacturer with R & D center in Songjiang district, Shanghai. Furthermore, we formulated a clear and long-term development strategy turning from “Product Orientation” to “Market Orientation”.
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Since 2009, we have strengthened our business co-operation with European famous adhesive tape manufacturer, from whom we learnt more comprehensive market information and production technical support. And the original import products we used to carry for domestic market are now mostly replaced by our self-produced products. Moreover we are exporting our products now to European and Southeast Asia markets with expansion on products variety with performance upgrades.
After decades of development, our product range include PE foam tape, EVA foam tape, acrylic foam tape, non woven tissue tape, PE film tape, PP film tape, PET film tape, PET cloth tape, cotton cloth tape, transfer tape, butyl damping tape, butyl water proof sealing tapes etc.. These products are widely applied for general or special uses, as in the electronics and electric appliances industry, the automotive industry, the elevator & escalator industry, the solar energy industry, the advertising & signage industry, the construction industry, the DIY household market and so on.
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As a professional manufacturer and supplier of adhesive tapes, we always focus on the principal of meeting our customer’s every need and solving their problems. We will be devoted to supply our customers with tailor-made products with high-quality products and professional application solutions. For one of specific example that we have been serving the leading enterprises of the elevators & escalators industry in China since 1999, Microland has deeper understanding of application, can provide customers better pre-sales and after-sales service, as well as the constant technical supports. Microland is able to select, design and improve the most suitable products for elevator & escalator needs.
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To provide our valuable customers with more and better products, we are studying the UV coating technology , the advantage of which is its environmentally friendly feature, UV coated adhesive tapes are being widely used in the medical & food industry now in European market, and the performance of which is very close to the solvent acrylic adhesive tapes.stainless steel adhesive tape manufacturers

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